Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Started

We've managed to put away everything that has a place to go, and most of the artwork has been hung. There is a still a pile in the living room, and a smaller one next to my desk, but it looks much better.

This weekend, I was able to repack my carved chest. It had been used for general storage, so I emptied it out and I have repacked it with winter clothes and extra linens for my bedroom. The total volume of off-season clothes & extra linens that I am allowing myself to keep is what will fit in that chest. One thing that does help with this is that I keep the linens for each bedroom, inside that bedroom.

Some of the linens that didn't fit went to Roommate, who can use them. A full Outbox load came out as well. Doing this emptied one storage bin; unpacking the 'extra' coats emptied out another one. Neither bin will be refilled. I also unpacked my DVDs and CDs and put them away, allowing me to toss the empty box.

  • box of books (library)
  • Two empty storage bins (thrift donation)
  • 13-gallon trash bag of items (thrift donation)
  • broken cookie press (I kept the pattern rounds, though) (tossed)
  • two other trips to thrift store, a full car load each time
  • new cookie press (thrift store, $5, all pieces there)
  • rug for underneath cat food, and the bench where our shoes go.
  • Curtain hooks to use at laundry area & one window.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Impressions

The new place is 1184 sq ft (110 sq. m.) - the largest place I've ever had, and yet still cluttered right from the start! I am applying things I learned from the Cure to the layout. Using the Outbox and Landing Strip, specifically. The Outbox is near the front door, and will be emptied every weekend.

The Bedroom

My bedroom shrank by about 20 sq. ft., plus the closet is half the size it was. I'm enjoying it even more than I had expected! Not everything I want in there fits yet, but I'm still working on it . Once we get settled I can do some of my one-off crafts (photo albums for the pics I do have, knit up the kits I bought, etc.) and that will reduce the clutter.

The Library
I read voraciously. My book supply reflects that. I currently have 4 bookshelves full, plus two large plastic bins full. The goal is to have 3 bookshelves, maybe less, plus whatever is on my eReader. My cookbooks will be reduced as well: I found a cookbook program and will enter in the recipes I want to keep. Having to type all of them in is a wonderful disincentive - I'm much less likely to enter in the borderline ones!

Part of my challenge, when I can reach the boxes in question, is decor. I have enough for two apartments. Anything we don't use when setting up this place needs to go, unless I fight with myself about it leaving. Then it can stay temporarily. Some - Ok, ALL of those items need to be revisited every few months. Sometimes it takes a while to get used to the idea of letting something go, especially when I've had it a long time.

Holiday decorations might also be a challenge. I say might, because last year's Yuletide decor was minimal: one twig wreath and one "let it snow!" sign. The tree was a 2-foot tall tree with a single strand of silver beads, and a silver snowflake 'star.' It was lovely. I am going to go through the big box of decorations I have, and make piles: 'keepsakes,' 'oh pretty,' and 'why do I have this?'

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

life, rebooted

We've just moved into a new apartment. I'm doing a huge declutter - the goal is to get rid of half of what I own, possibly more.

I like things very uncluttered, yet I have clutter everywhere I look and find myself unable to just go through and say "no, not using this, bye!" While I do not live alone, the clutter is indeed mine and not theirs. So, I've started this journey and this blog. Care to join me?