Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Started

We've managed to put away everything that has a place to go, and most of the artwork has been hung. There is a still a pile in the living room, and a smaller one next to my desk, but it looks much better.

This weekend, I was able to repack my carved chest. It had been used for general storage, so I emptied it out and I have repacked it with winter clothes and extra linens for my bedroom. The total volume of off-season clothes & extra linens that I am allowing myself to keep is what will fit in that chest. One thing that does help with this is that I keep the linens for each bedroom, inside that bedroom.

Some of the linens that didn't fit went to Roommate, who can use them. A full Outbox load came out as well. Doing this emptied one storage bin; unpacking the 'extra' coats emptied out another one. Neither bin will be refilled. I also unpacked my DVDs and CDs and put them away, allowing me to toss the empty box.

  • box of books (library)
  • Two empty storage bins (thrift donation)
  • 13-gallon trash bag of items (thrift donation)
  • broken cookie press (I kept the pattern rounds, though) (tossed)
  • two other trips to thrift store, a full car load each time
  • new cookie press (thrift store, $5, all pieces there)
  • rug for underneath cat food, and the bench where our shoes go.
  • Curtain hooks to use at laundry area & one window.

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