Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back in motion

I've been quiet for a while, I know. I felt like I was at a dead stop when it came to decluttering. Sometimes it's as though I need to build up a certain amount of momentum before I can move; apparently that's what I was waiting for this time.

After being unable to do much around the house for a week, I got quite a bit done over the weekend:
  • reorganized spice cabinet. Tossed 20 expired ones. All spices/herbs now in two spots, not three (one spot is bulk storage; I have 3 qts each of dried bell peppers and dried basil that I grew)
  • reorganized fabric stash. Went from 2 bins + a pile, to one bin, and one bag of 'in progress' that will be worked on shortly.
  • One grocer bag to thrift
  • One grocer bag for friends to look through; anything they don't take gets thrifted
  • reorganized area over dryer.
  • Less stuff on kitchen counters (yay!)
The spice cabinet involved trips to World Market. I picked up prettier jars (here and here) and two cabinet organizers. It's much prettier, and I can actually find what I want, now. And I have spices to buy; I can't NOT have Old Bay!

For the fabric stash - the bin is back in storage, and the one paper grocer sack is waiting near the sewing machine. I believe the projects in there include an underdress for my SCA closet, a couple of mundane tank tops, some stuff I'd started and dropped, and the black fleece teddy bear for DD to make in order to learn basic sewing. She knows I don't care if she keeps it up, I just want her to know basics so that if she needs the information later she'll have it.

I'm quite happy with this progress. The next planned target is the wardrobe; it's about time to flip over to warm weather clothes (despite getting an inch of snow Sunday!). That's for next weekend.

What are you planning on doing next?

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