Monday, January 16, 2017

Life is going to be messy~

Life is going to be messy. The goal is to be able to find most things within a reasonable amount of time, keep enough stuff that makes you happy and functional, and to toss what isn’t working, unless it’s beautiful and you like looking at it.

-RainKatt, on Ravelry

I think that is the best and simplest I have yet heard it put.

Decluttering, Round 4 - Begin!

Round 1: about 10 years ago, about 40% stuff reduction
Round 2: about 6 years ago, before and after a move. Much stuff removed.
Round 3: About 3 years ago, after another move. About a 30% reduction - my home shrank by 100sf and a 100sf storage area. 
Round 4: A new chapter of my life is beginning

I realized a few days ago I'd love to own about half of what I currently do. I'm not sure how I can do that, but it does give me a goal.

Things I can do to work towards this:
  • The spare room needs cleaned up a bit better. It has improved greatly in the past month!
  • The older computer tower is ready to be recycled, just needs dropped off. I'm collecting various bits of recyclable electronics together so this can be all in one trip.
  • My collection of duffel bags and backpacks needs to be sorted through, and extras donated again.
  • The oversize dresser needs to be replaced this summer with smaller one.
  • My fabric stash needs to be sewn up and made into things.
  • My book collection needs to be resorted, just as an occasional checkup. 
  • My SCA kit needs checked over, as I'm doing the sewing. As most of the sewing is for the SCA this will work well.