Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Progress, Week 3

Progress has been made!

All the pictures are up on the walls. I've learned how to fold up my futon easily in the mornings before work - when it's flat, I barely have room to walk in my room. If it's folded, I have SPACE. So nice!

The Pantry
I've assessed more of the pantry area over the washer & dryer. The majority of the food is out of there. The top shelf is rarely-used, large items that I want to keep: the pressure canner, roasting pan, the popcorn popper I'm so tempted to get rid of. Jiffy-Pop takes less storage space, and actually gets used. Hmmm. The bottom shelf is some 'seconds' of food items (extra bottle of ketchup, for example), glass storage jars that are being filtered, and a bunch of stuff I can't remember. I guess it needs to be thinned out more!

The Library
I've dramatically thinned out my library. I have 2 1/2 bookshelves full (half of one bookshelf holds my DVDs) and about half a storage bin. My cookbooks are kept separately because I am working my way through them. A few books are kept in the living room, but most of those are on probation. I'll revisit my books in a few weeks. I know some are waiting to be read, and then can be donated.

There is a storage unit attached to the apartment - it's the same size on the new one as it was on the old one. At the old place it was packed hip-deep right to the door. Now? I can walk to the shelf against the back wall. Granted, there are things stacked on 3 walls, but there is also a small pathway. And I've put most of the metal bi-fold doors out there as well. I really dislike those doors, and have replaced them all with white sheets hung from tension rods. I do need to hem the sheets, but they work nicely and look great. Plus I can actually reach what is in the closets!

  • 3 more 13-gal trash bags of donations
  • 2 paper grocer bags of books
  • rack for my closet (needed for organization)
  • 2 pairs shorts (needed)

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